Surely, the LA Rams cannot keep RB Xavier Jones out of the end zone now

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LA Rams depth chart Xavier Jones
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The LA Rams signed a remarkably talented running back from Southern Methodist University after the 2020 NFL Draft by the name of Xavier Jones. If you do not recognize that name, you must be new to our coverage of the Rams. You see, we loved him from the moment that the Rams added him to the team. And we lobbied hard for some role on the offense.

That kinda never happened.

It was close to happening. the Rams were tight at the running back position when rookie RB Cam Akers suffered a high ankle sprain, and RB Darrell Henderson suffered a very similar injury the following week.  The Rams worked on an offensive game plan to feature the untested and undrafted rookie running back Xavier Jones. But lo and behold, Cam Akers shook off his injury in just over one week’s time.

Good for him. Bad for Jones.

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But the addition of Jones, and the fact that the Rams loved his running style enough to keep him on the 53-man roster. That’s pretty significant, considering that the Rams already had three running backs who were already splitting the load. The Rams were time-sharing running duties between veteran RBs Malcolm Brown, Henderson, and rookie Akers.  The group had pretty good success as a group, despite no individual breaking 700 yards on the ground.