LA Rams HC McVay likes way Stafford ‘changes his arm slots’

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LA Rams Matthew Stafford
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The mountain didn’t come to the Rams, so the Rams went to the mountain

Stafford is the change that the Rams wanted to see in Jared Goff. If you recall, the Rams emphasized the need for Jared Goff to learn how to throw more quickly, to throw off-schedule, and to throw while moving. And that seemed to take place in the early games of the year.

But as the season wore on, those old bad habits crept back into his performance. Of course, there were the bad bounce interceptions. But the re-appearance of the damnit-why moves frustrated fans and coaches alike. The sad part of that backslide is that many of those games were lost by one score.  The LA Rams 10-6 record to the 2020 season was good enough for a sixth-seed. But chances to compete in the NFL Playoffs are small enough.

If all other factors remain the same, the LA Rams should be a better team this year. But there are still some things to sort out. Things like who will be the center? Who will the Rams add in the draft? Will the special teams be better this year? Will the Rams have any surprise trades? Or even something as ‘meh’ as will the Rams re-sign either Austin Blythe or Josh Reynolds?

The Rams do not have a perfect offensive line, but it should be good enough for Matthew Stafford. The Rams may not have the best running game, but that too should be good enough for Stafford. In fact, almost every aspect of the Rams offense is very good but has not been scary-good. But that’s okay because it should be good enough for Matthew Stafford.

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Let’s not go into this on blind faith. Every elite player is not only expected to play at a very high level but to elevate the play of those around him. An elite player plays their best in the brightest spotlights. And one of the problems cited for Goff was the fact that he was an immobile pocket passer. Well, that is exactly what the Rams are getting this year with Stafford. Will it work? Hey, this is a gamble. It may work out, it may not. But the Rams certainly know what they wanted, and got it.