3 reasons why LA Rams’ signing Desean Jackson gets an A+

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Reason III: Because he can break a game wide open with a single catch

Here’s an interesting statistic about Jackson: He has averaged more yards per reception in his career than any other wide receiver, gaining an average of 17.4 yards per catch. By comparison, Robert Woods averages 12.4 yards per reception.

In other words, when DJax gets his hands on the ball, he gets yardage in big chunks. Those fellas on the chain crew that manage the signal poles on one of the sidelines are doing double-time and scurrying to catch up to the spot of the ball whenever DJax snares the pigskin.

DeSean Jackson to the Rams.

Rams news brightens

He puts the burner in barn-burner. He’s not only the best active wide receiver in yards per catch, but even he has the next level.  You see, when he played for LA Rams head coach together at Washington, DJax averaged a phenomenal 19.0 yards per catch.

Jackson takes the top off the defense. In the McVay scheme, the Rams have plenty of options to attack the defense with formations and routes. But the talents of both Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp create separation with cuts and breaks in their routes. But the presence of Jackson reintroduces that ‘run past the defender’ option that McVay loves in his offense.