Will LA Rams players explode into the NFT market? When? Who’s first?

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LA Rams All-Pro Jalen Ramsey Aaron Donald
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New NFL (Players) market?

A few ideas came to mind. Could the Rams’ first NFT be a collection of All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald’s most thunderous sacks? All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey high-pointing the ball and snatching INTs out of the sky or from wide receiver’s paws? Or, something else altogether from the Rams? Perhaps digital collage of a player’s career? Team statistics. Or something else altogether.

Anything but the new uniform designs, please?!

So since NFTs certainly appear to have taken hold in professional sports, perhaps we should learn a little more about this new collectible.

Be like Gronk?

If any Rams wanna be like Gronk, they’ll need to learn much more about this product, make connections with digital artists, and act fast.  After all, he was actually the first professional U.S. athlete to commission, own, and sell his own NFT series. And he recently grossed $1.75 million for the sale of 348 digital collectible cards and one of the items even went for $433,000.

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Think that the NFL market is one-and-done? Well, another player joined the market. He is Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahones. I’m betting you recognize that name. Well, he recently got into the NFT realm as well.

In a statement coinciding with the release of his NFT, Gronk explained,

"“I wanted to take the business into my own hands and be the first professional athlete to launch my own NFT collection. Now, fans will be able to get a piece of the action and share these iconic Super Bowl moments with me in this all-new digital format.”- Rob Gronkowski per Justin Chan, news writer for Entrepreneur"

NFT’s in the sports arena are like a digital trading card, only you can’t pin this kind of trading card in the spokes of your bicycle to make fluttering noises.

Indeed, just as cryptocurrency is to cash, NFT’s are to cardboard trading cards.