Will LA Rams players explode into the NFT market? When? Who’s first?

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Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /
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NBA was first, again?

The NBA was actually the first professional sports league to jump on the NFT bandwagon. (Why does it seem like the NBA is always out in front of new things?)  It began in October of last year when an outfit called Dapper Labs launched its NBA Top Shot in coordination with the league and the players association.

Since then, and some $396 million in sales later, according to Front Office Sports, there are now conversations taking place between Dapper and the NFL, as well as other sports leagues.

That’s just the first wave. Consider this generation the Atari phase. Now you get the picture of how big and bold this is going to become.

What does it bring?

NFT technology creates new revenue streams for the NBA and NBA players. And it creates new collectibles for NBA Fans. So it should be a simple matter of just setting up a similar shop for NFL players, right? But wait, doesn’t the NFL own those images? How do players get to use the images? But on the other hand, players have the right to endorse products independently

Oh, if there are any barristers reading this, I’m willing to bet that mouths are watering over this one. The NFL is the grandaddy of professional sports. The market for this technology unleashed into the NFL’s past present and future is astronomical. And there’s the rub. Whose product line is it, anyway?