LA Rams News: Team faces boom or bust in 2021 NFL Draft

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LA Rams Draft
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Offense and wrap up

Finally, the LA Rams have a healthy crop of camp arm quarterbacks (QB). But with the sudden investment in another pocket passer to lead this team, wouldn’t it make sense to add a young arm to learn from the sage veteran Matthew Stafford while he is playing for the Rams. Yes, John Wolford is the quarterback. Well, until his contract also expires in 2022. Will Wolford eagerly sign to backup Stafford? Or will he bet on himself and test free agency?

The LA Rams have 67 players with the addition of WR DeSean Jackson. If the team holds fast with six draft picks, they will be shopping for 17 additional players after the 2021 NFL Draft. No 2020 undrafted free agents were impact starters for the 2020 season, but 11 players were redshirted and could contribute this year.

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Of course, undrafted free agents (UDFAs) will also be added to round out training camp rosters too. But the Rams’ lack of NFL drafted rookies truly does open the door of opportunity to UDFAs on this roster. That gives even the 90th player signed to the roster a chance of making the 53 man roster.

The Rams have a rather robust roster, and despite the ‘we are so much worse’ mood that prevails in the comments section after articles at this time every year, The Rams are not asleep at the wheel. This is the point in time where all of the shiny NFL stars sign elsewhere, and yet the Rams seem to do fine.

The Rams did not lose more than two rotational players (except C Austin Blythe) from the offense and have a plan already in place to shore up the top-ranked defense in 2021 after losing three starters. The sky is not falling. It didn’t in 2020, it won’t this year either.