LA Rams UDFAs will lead team to success one more time

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Offense (10 UDFAs)

The LA Rams want a more explosive offense this year. It’s not a guess, it’s something the organization has stated on multiple occasions. But the scavenger hunt for that explosiveness has ravaged both free agency and the upcoming 20201 NFL Draft. And the search continues.

Well, what about the players who were redshirted in 2020? Don’t they count? Or was their signing to the roster, several of whom made it all the way to the 53-man roster, merely a community-service? Some type of outreach program to intern NFL hopefuls who truly are not going to prove to be NFL-worthy without a helping hand?

Maybe that is how someone sees this situation, but the truth of the matter is that the Rams had assembled very talented players from a very deep 2020 draft class. The Rams grabbed a running back who led the NCAA in scoring in 2019, a wide receiver with a fourth-round draft grade, and plenty of depth that proved to be more than ‘camp bodies.

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Offensive linemen – Chandler Brewer, Coleman Shelton

Quarterback – Bryce Perkins, John Wolford

Running back – Xavier Jones

Tight End – Kendall Blanton, Johnny Mundt

Wide receiver – Trishton Jackson, J.J. Koski, Nsimba Webster

Or course, this group already boasts QB John Wolford, KR Nsimba Webster, and TE Johnny Mundt as players with significant roles on the team this year.  But the offensive line enigma at the offensive center position would certainly look much better if Coleman Shelton wins the job. And Chandler Brewer has been in the on-deck circle for several years. Is this the year that he proves what he can do?

Two players from this group to watch for are RB Xavier Jones, who is a solid player to assume the snaps of Malcolm Brown, and Trishton Jackson, who could win either a special teams’ role as a kick or punt returner or that last WR spot on the 53-man roster.