LA Rams UDFAs will lead team to success one more time

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Special Teams (4 UDFAs)

Last but certainly not least, we come to the special teams’ units. This has been an area of concern for several years, as the team’s special team has regressed since being one of the best in 2017. Now? The team is among the bottom third of the NFL.

Fixing special teams is really not an easy thing to do. The players who do much of the heavy lifting for kicking and coverage units are often the players who are backing up starters. The Rams depth chart has gone very light in areas that typically make up these units – linebackers, tight ends, cornerbacks. While it seemed as though the team aimed at several special teams speedsters after the 2020 NFL Draft, the Rams stuck with KR/PR Nsimba Webster. That could change.

But the Rams certainly could add more coverage players after the 2021 NFL Draft, players who might help improve the special teams’ play overall.

Punter – Johnny Hekker, Brandon Wright

Kicker – Austin MacGinnis

Long Snapper – Steven Wirtel

We know that the Rams’ current roster stands at 67 players. A quick headcount from this roster proves that 27 of the Rams’ current roster never heard their names called at an NFL Draft. That’s 40 percent of the current roster. Each year the Rams field a winning team for head coach Sean McVay. How do they remain so successful? Well, one significant contribution is their ability to sign very talented players after the NFL Draft, coach them up, and then watch them contribute. That won’t suddenly stop happening this year.

To be honest, this year may be significant as both the 2020 redshirted players as well as the 2021 undrafted free agents, from another very deep draft class, will compete for playing time against just six drafted rookies. Don’t be surprised to first-time undrafted players contribute to the Rams’ success this year.

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It’s a Rams tradition.