Rams new 2021 uniform: Could it be midnight black? Please?

(Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images) /

The LA Rams will be launching a new uniform color combination in 2021. We don’t know when this will exactly happen, and of course, we haven’t the faintest idea of what it might look like conceptually. We are just told it will happen.

If anyone in the marketing department is listening to fans (and after the last uniform and logo public relations disaster, the answer to that question is debatable), how about considering rolling out a black uniform?

We can call it  “Midnight black” and it will join the Rams’ existing color schemes of Bone white, Sol (as in sun) yellow, and Royal blue. Maybe even incorporate the  Rams’ distinctive golden (err, Sol yellow) curlicue into the new black uniform on the pants and jersey somehow, too. If you want to know what that might look like? The RamsFanShop has ‘blackout’ gear for sale, at limited supplies.

Back in black!

One NFL team that often sports a black uniform is the Baltimore Ravens and when the team takes the field it looks like a giant flock of blackbirds swooping down onto the field. (or at least it does when you sit in the nose-bleed seats of M&T Stadium in Bawlamer). It’s just a really kewl sight. And while I’m not sure it strikes fear in the hearts of their Sunday game day opponents, it is quite eye-catching.

I suppose a black uniform could have a potential downside – you wouldn’t be able to see the grass stains quite as easily. I mean, who doesn’t love to see a running back dig a fistful of grass and dirt from their helmet after a plunge into the end zone? Or looking at all the green and brown stains when they sport the Bone white jerseys?

If you don’t think the quantity of grass stains on a jersey tells a tale every bit as important as the scoreboard, just look at Tom Brady’s uniform as he’s hoisting the Lombardi trophy with all that confetti raining down. Nary a grass stain on the guy. Pristine. And that speaks volumes about the last Super Bowl, now doesn’t it?

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So, a plea goes out to the Rams’ marketing department. Give us a black uniform.  Maybe even pair it with a black helmet and the iconic Rams gold curlicues all around. Pair it up with some gold, err, Yellow sol, cleats.

Now, there’s the ticket!