5 positions that the LA Rams will ultimately address via 2021 UDFA

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Wide receiver depth

The LA Rams may not be projecting many losses from the roster in 2022 at the wide receiver position, but the team certainly will want to take advantage of the extreme talent and depth at the wide receiver position available from the 2021 NFL Draft class.

The Rams also need help with special teams at the return game. I get it that the team was forced to make do with running it back with the experienced Nsimba Webster in 2020. While the strategy worked at recasting the offensive line into the 2020 season, the return duties seemed to sputter throughout 2020, despite the addition of talented and speedy receivers.

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That cannot be the outcome of the 2021 class. For all intents and purposes, the LA Rams could stuff the remaining post-draft roster spots with wide receiver talent and still leave plenty on the table. This is a deep and talented group. Is there ever too much of a good thing? We will certainly find out in 2021.  So do the Rams just grab everything in sight?

I don’t think that is the answer. But the Rams loss of 6-foot-3 WR Josh Reynolds means that they no longer boast a big body receiver. And despite the addition of DeSean Jackson, the Rams will certainly be interested in adding a fast-footed receiver protege’ to learn from a sage NFL veteran. Who might the Rams sign up? The list of players who might fall, and yet still be counted on to contribute to the roster, can include dozens of names. Don’t worry, we’ll crack that treasure chest open before the draft arrives.