7 trades to increase the LA Rams number of draft picks

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Yes, the LA Rams need draft picks in 2021. But more importantly, the Rams have several positions that will be decimated in 2022 by players entering free agency simultaneously from the same positions.  While the Rams appear to be in line for up to 10 draft picks for the 2022 NFL Draft, they will most likely skew towards day three picks.

But there is a complication right now.

The LA Rams’ current roster has some depth at positions that become very shallow in just one year’s time. So that creates a problem.  The Rams have multiple limits to what they can currently do to prepare for the 2022 season. They have a limited salary cap, limited draft picks, but most importantly, limited roster slots. What do I mean?

If the Rams try to draft or sign players for 2022 depth, they will risk being too deep at the position and forced to cut them before they have a chance to sign them to the practice squad. Do nothing, and the sheer volume of key losses will slam the Rams at the offensive line, the linebacker position, and more.

The Rams must cap this gusher of 2022 free agents this year. Rather than allow the roster to deplete completely or to dangerously low levels when the 2022 NFL Free Agency market opens, the Rams should give serious consideration to trading some players before the draft this year. The Rams could follow last year’s pre-draft trade route of exchanging WR Brandin Cooks for a desperately needed current year pick.

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Even if the team fails to do so, the Rams could still benefit by trading a player for a 2022 NFL Draft pick. The key is to trade a player or player(s) now to ensure that the Rams can refill the position with a player or players whose contracts do not expire in 2022. Let’s jump into this to give you some examples of what we mean.