7 trades to increase the LA Rams number of draft picks

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Inside linebacker

Right now, the LA Rams project to lose all four inside linebackers in the 2022 NFL free agency market. While the team has two linebackers who will compete for a roster spot, they must outhustle four players who have a significant edge on them from 2020.  Four players will be gone in one-year’s time. That includes linebacker Kenny Young

When the LA Rams obtained Young from the Baltimore Ravens, the team hoped he might progress in his development, perhaps to the point where he might be the hands-down consensus starter for the team.  That never happened. Instead, Young became a Rams starting linebacker when the Rams were down to three healthy players and he was the second in the depth chart.

Any return for Young will be limited to a day three pick. But the key year is to vacate a position and still get something in return, isn’t it?  Let’s imagine that the Denver Broncos are willing to deal for a linebacker.  What might that resemble?

In this trade scenario, the LA Rams acquire two late-day three picks, and the Denver Broncos score on their need for a linebacker. A bonus is that Young will know Vic Fangio’s defensive system.  In return, the LA Rams not only vacate a spot on the roster for either Christian Rozeboom or Derrick Moncrief, but they could convert one of the two draft-picks into a linebacker from the 2021 NFL Draft for a 2022 role.  Now that we’ve laid out an example, we should be able to cover more trade scenarios more quickly.