LA Rams draft Nagy’s choices Creed and Cooper in latest mock

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Late draft picks are where the value is at

That is precisely why picking players from the latter rounds whose star shined during the Senior Bowl is a good way to hedge your bets, improve the odds, dilute the house advantage a bit. In this year’s truncated collegiate season due to Covid, at least you know a Senior Bowl standout has experience under his belt.

One particular GM comes to mind who loved choosing stars from the Senior Bowl in a decade-long run  –  Ozzie Newsome, former GM of the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens GM found late-round talent that could immediately take the field and deliver impact.

It was kinda’ his modus operandi (MO) Of course, that is the same basic principle applied by LA Rams’ GM Les Snead. It was that Senior Bowl focus that drew the Rams to less-discussed wide receiver Van Jefferson and Tremayne Anchrum. And the results are every bit as impressive today.

When Nagy talks, Snead listens

Snead values the opinion of one Jim Nagy, the Director of Reese’s Senior Bowl, in that department. If Nagy likes a player, you’ve just lessened the odds of picking a clunker, a draft bust, if you follow his lead. Nagy has a sharp eye for talent, and when he speaks, it behooves NFL executives to pause, look and listen.

And while the Rams may have historically done well with late picks, they do some other draft stuff well, too.

The LA Rams do a good job of showing one look before the NFL draft and then delivering a different strategy on draft day. With too few picks to miss on any of them, that scenario is taking shape for this year as well. The Rams need help at offensive line, linebacker, and cornerback both in 2021 and most certainly for 2022. So that is where we should expect the Rams to draft. Let’s get started: