LA Rams draft Nagy’s choices Creed and Cooper in latest mock

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Blindside protection

With the 103rd pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Rams select offensive tackle Walker Little from Stanford University.


Standing 6-foot-7 and weighing 320 pounds, Little has the gargantuan size and the length necessary to maintain that all-important leverage against opposing defenders and contain them for that extra second or milli-second which will be so critical for Stafford’s long-ball game.

He’s just a giant-sized mauler, a bona fide bully of the blindside. He’s the type of player who looks the part even before the pads go on.

The Stanford connection

At his alma mater of Stanford, where offensive line play is rather renowned, that’s one tough lineup for a rookie to crack. Little was the youngest true freshman in the last 20 years to start on their line  ‘Nuf said.

His talent shines through. His sheer size alone makes him, well, difficult to avoid. And when he locks up the defender in a block, combined with his overall strength, you’ve got yourself a solid anchor point that ‘ain’t moving backward much. He gives no ground.

Little’s got the pedigree and actually has often been favorably compared to the play of the Rams’ own Rob Havenstein. That’s a good thing because the Rams need to have successors on the roster for both Andrew Whitworth and Havenstein, and Walker Little is truly a giant step in that direction.

Oh, and here is another little tidbit about Little. He will have the chance to follow his former college offensive line coach Kevin Carberry into the NFL. Now, who wouldn’t love to see that happen?