7 steps to get the LA Rams to the Super Bowl this year

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VII. Fix the turnovers

Hey, we banged on this drum throughout the 2020 NFL Season.  Whenever an NFL team’s net turnovers fall below zero, that team will struggle to remain successful. In 2020, the LA Rams ended the season with a net turnover number at  (-3).  Of the NFL Playoff teams, only the LA Rams and Washington Football Team boasted a net turnover number below zero.

The defense certainly did its part. They generated 22 turnovers in 2020, good enough for 10th best among all NFL defenses. The buttery-handed offense coughed up the ball 25 times. That was not good, ranking only 26th best in the NFL for ball security. So of the 25 turnovers, who was the culprit?

Trim turnovers

Well of the 25 turnovers recorded in 2020, the LA Rams were intercepted 14 times and lost 11 fumbles.  So whose hands were most likely to turn over the ball?

Name                        Interceptions               Fumbles      Total turnovers
Jared Goff                   13                                      5                 18
John Wolford                1                                      0                    1
Cam Akers                     0                                     1                    1
Robert Woods              0                                     2                    2
Josh Reynolds               0                                     1                    1
Malcolm Brown            0                                     1                    1
Gerald Everett              0                                      1                    1

Now, Matthew Stafford threw into tighter coverages expecting the Lions’ receivers to come away with the catch. Even so, he had just 10 interceptions and 0 fumbles in 2020.  While there are reasons to expect his production to improve in 2021, if he lowers turnover at the QB position by nine, and the Rams do not add mistakes back by outgoing free agents Josh Reynolds, Malcolm Brown, or Gerald Everett, the Rams will find a net improvement by 12 turnovers this season.

That alone will place the Rams into the upper echelons of the NFL. While that may not occur, there is every reason to expect a huge recovery at turnovers in 2021. That alone will bolster the Rams’ chances of earning a high seed come playoff time.