Anchors away? LA Rams have options at offensive tackle

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The LA Rams will need to give serious consideration to the offensive tackle position. Perhaps the team need not act now, but the deliberation as to what the team must do should happen before the 2021 NFL Draft arrives.  It’s the moment of truth for the LA Rams, that point just before a couple about to enter into matrimony must first pause and ponder the seriousness of the commitment before the. This is the ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ moment.

The team has enough reason to look away, to draft replacements for both the right and left tackle position, or somewhere in-between.  After all, teams discover too late where they failed to plan correctly. Now is the time for the Rams to weigh all of their options. Is the team set at the offensive line?

Are the Rams a bit too smug at their offensive tackle position? The team certainly got an All-Pro first half of the season out of venerable offensive left tackle Andrew Whitworth. But he fell to a season-ending injury against the Seattle Seahawks in week nine. Well, should have been season-ending, but he worked hard to rejoin the team in the Wildcard Round of the NFL Playoffs.
Now? The question is, what did it cost him? And will the Rams take another season’s chance on the player who has meant so much to them? Should the Rams have a more formal Plan B if he is injured again?

On the other end, the Rams got a good season out of right tackle Rob Havenstein in 2020. Of course, that comes after an unexplained struggle to perform in 2019. So the question then becomes, will the Rams get the good Rob or the bad Rob?  And even more concerning, if Havenstein is injured, who will take up at the right tackle position in his place?

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Or course, the LA Rams have players like Joseph Noteboom, Chandler Brewers, Bobby Evans, and Tremayne Anchrum to fall back to. Will they be up to the challenge if the time comes? Or does enough uncertainty exist among the coaching staff to require one more move to reinforce the team’s depth at offensive tackle? If so, how can the Rams go about making such a move? Perhaps the time is ripe to consider adding a new face to the familiar ranks of the offensive line?