Looks like DL is back on the LA Rams draft menu, boys

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One twitchy dangerous defender

The Rams stockpiled a cache of defensive line talent after the 2020 NFL Draft. But should a talented defensive lineman prospect fall to them in the 2021 NFL Draft, don’t expect the Rams to look the other way. Despite the 3-4 formation, the LA Rams continue to place a high value on their three-man front.

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One player who could certainly make the grade is the strongman out of the West Virginia Mountaineers, defensive lineman Darius Stills.  Stills is a 6-foot-1, 278-pound prospect who is certainly one of the players-on-the-rise.

Stills is a small but twitchy and powerful defensive lineman who is slightly similar to LA Rams All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald. Because of his size and power, he is a Tasmanian Devil when it comes to pass rush penetration. He is a flurry of moves and strength, ripping away at any pass pocket to get to the quarterback.

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While he can overcommit to a gap leaving a rushing lane for a quick-footed running back, he can be just as dangerous if he shoots through the right gap and greets a rusher in the offensive backfield.