Looks like DL is back on the LA Rams draft menu, boys

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Where will he fall?

Darius Stills offers enough upside to flirt with a day one pick. After all, he plays on the defensive line, a position that is known to be very shallow in this draft. And he offers some incredibly unique characteristics which a team like the LA Rams would certainly covet highly.

His critics would even admit that he creates unsolveable problems for the opposing offense. They back their lower rating of his NFL potential on the fact that they view him as an undersized defensive lineman with stubby arms and a tendancy to shoot gaps leaving gaping holes for running backs.  Funny, but it almost reads word for word with Donald’s draft profile. Hmmm…

There is no doubt that his size won’t ward off the Rams interest. Imagine the Rams drafting an Aaron Donald protégé in the 2021 NFL Draft?  Now that would be quite exciting.  And no, I’m not the only one linking the two. Pro Football Network’s Bill Riccette makes the some comparison.  The similarity is easy to do. Same position, same strengths and weaknesses. The both even hail from the same part of the country.

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Now, some project Stills as early as round one, and that is simply not a place that the Rams can reach. But most profiles emphasize his risks, and in the uncertainty of the 2021 NFL Draft, those risks will give pause to more than one NFL team that might otherwise call out his name.

If Stills falls to the Rams? Well, then the draft becomes very interesting indeed. Stills could warrant the LA Rams selection at 57 in their view. Even though most draft profiles have a late third-round grade on him, Stills has two things going for him. He is an NFL capable player at a position of few prospects capable of NFL play.

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And the second is that he bears a striking resemblance to another defensive lineman once judged as too small to play effectively in the NFL. Of course, the other guy is All-Pro Aaron Donald. And you know how that turned out.