Blame this year’s NFL QB carousel on the LA Rams

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2021 NFL Draft

For starters, the 2021 NFL Draft is loaded with a talented quarterback class. Whenever that much talent is absorbed into the NFL all at once, there is a shakeup among all 32 NFL teams. You see, teams that are not completely convinced in their current quarterback’s ability to win a Super Bowl are faced with the point-blank decision point. Should the team reposition itself for a new quarterback from that draft class, or hunker down with whomever they have and try to compete as is?

In recent years, NFL teams have scrambled for position to draft one or two of the top quarterbacks in that year’s draft class. This year, the class is so very deep that the 49ers have traded to the third overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft without the gift of knowing who might be there a number three.  They reviewed their future with current starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and found it lacking.

The consensus is that the Jacksonville Jaguars will choose Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence at number one. But the uncertainty for the 49ers began at number two where the New York Jets, at the time of the 49ers trade, were not yet publicly shopping quarterback Sam Darnold. But now it’s clear. The Jets will indeed be selecting a quarterback at number two. And the very value of the 49ers package to trade to the third overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft betrays their intentions. The 49ers will be drafting a quarterback.