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 Aggressive passing

In the NFL, there is a certain trait among the best of NFL quarterbacks, and it is called by many names. A quarterback who ‘loves to air it out’, may also be called a ‘gunslinger’ or someone who ‘loves to throw the ball’.  However you name him, he is the quarterback who can air it out in with less than two minutes on the game clock and the scoreboard showing your team with less than two minutes.

Teammates and fans find confidence in those situations because the quarterback has been blessed with an abundant supply. That makes a huge difference in the NFL when the game is on the line.  What do I mean? Well, check out these stats.

Matthew Stafford averaged 6.8 air yards per completion (ninth-highest in the NFL out of 41) vs. Jared Goff’s 4.8 air yards per completion (35th in the NFL out of 41).

Stafford averaged 9.0 air yards per attempt (tied for sixth-highest) vs. Jared Goff’s 6.5 air yards per attempt  (38th highest).

Stafford threw 16.7 percent of his pass attempts thrown into a tight window (17th highest-rated among 41 NFL QBs). while Jared Goff threw into a tight window on just 12.7 percent of his passes, (36th lowest rate among 41 passers).

It’s simply an evidence-based assessment. It’s not a my-dog-can-beat-up-your-dog subjective argument. It’s laying out measured qualities and then forming the judgment on that evidence. In this case, the evidence clearly points to quarterback Matthew Stafford possessing the upper hand. But there’s more.