How to replicate LA Rams draft using online mock draft simulators

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

So the LA Rams may be starting late in the 2021 NFL Draft, but all that means is that the scouting department must work that much harder. And to do that, the Rams have already been working the circuit of meeting with prospects before the 2021 NFL Draft. By the last count, the number was up to 21, but it could be higher yet.

So how can you anticipate the upcoming NFL Draft?  Well, there are a number of online mock draft simulators available. And you are the general manager in each of them. Why would you want to simulate the mock draft? Well, with so much disparity over the prospects that you may expect the LA Rams to draft this year, it’s a great way to ground expectations into the players who may be there when the Rams step up to the podium.

Some simulators allow trades, but here is where caution must be used. The trade features seem to have fewer rules than that required to pass common sense. In short, those trades can get out of hand pretty quickly, giving a team 20 plus picks in any given draft. So if a realistic simulation is truly what you seek, then be sure to limit yourself to match up equivalent value in that mock draft. In short? Resist the temptation to trade too aggressively, or too lopsided.  Realistic results depend upon your adhering to the principles of fair play for both sides.

Now, you’re all set Simply choose from one of these, or Google NFL Mock Draft simulator and choose one of your own:

PFF Mock Draft Simulator

The Draft Network Mock Draft Simulator

PFN Mock Draft Simulator

First Pick Mock Draft Simulator

FanSpeak Mock Draft Simulator

NFL Mock Draft Database Mock Draft Simulator

All simulators are free. First Pick may require you to set up a login and password to track your history with their application. The Draft Network offers a premium account (subscription required) that allows for trades to occur.

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If you are eager for the NFL Draft to arrive and have some free time to kill, why not check out one of our mock drafts from our NFL Draft page and compare it to your own mock draft?  We’d love to hear from you with your mock draft results. Until the draft day comes and goes, happy drafting!