LA Rams NFL Draft Order 2021: NFC West draft picks in each round

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Which quarterback has caught the 49ers’ eye?

San Francisco 49ers
Top Needs: QB • CB • DL • OL • TE
6-10 · Total picks: 9
Round 1: No. 3 overall (from Texans through Dolphins)
Round 2: No. 43
Round 3: No. 102
Round 4: No. 117
Round 5: Nos. 155, 172 (from Saints), 180
Round 6: No. 194
Round 7: Nos. 230 (from Jets)

The San Francisco 49ers welcome back 81 players from the 2020 NFL season and have nine picks in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft. If they execute all nine selections, they will fill their 90-man roster before the 2021 NFL Draft ends. Or will they?  With their move up the board to number three, everyone anticipates that the 49ers will select the third quarterback from the 2021 NFL Draft class. But who?  More and more point towards Alabama quarterback Mac Jones as their target, as this mock draft suggests. How long will they keep their rookie quarterback on the bench?

Seattle Seahawks
Top Needs: CB • OL • DL • LB • WR
12-4 · Total picks: 3
Round 2: No. 56 overall
Round 4: No. 129
Round 7: No. 250

The Seattle Seahawks have 65 players currently under contract, and with just three draft picks, appear to be very active in signing undrafted players after this draft ends. And with three total picks, there’s not a lot of speculation over who the Seahawks will draft.  In this mock, the Seahawks draft three players who are not offensive linemen.  While the Seahawks have strained relationships with veteran quarterback Russell Wilson, the key will be to watch how they reinforce his blocking.

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While some suggest that the NFC West is up for grabs, I’m not as convinced. The San Francisco 49ers, perhaps a team capable of claiming the division title, instead seems to be more interested in building the roster to win in the future. The Arizona Cardinals fell short, and must now refit their defense to perform better in 2021. The Seahawks faded in 2020 and may fade further this year. So far, the Rams have positioned themselves to be better in 2021. But the draft will play a major role in the eventual outcome.