Is it wise for LA Rams wise to draft QB successor to Matthew Stafford?

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Have you ever thought about how the LA Rams might put an end to the cycle of never having top draft picks? What would it take for this team to get off this never-ending merry-go-round?

I’m talking about letting your quarterback test his market value where all players do, in the NFL Free Agency market, rather than re-signing him to an extension that will financially strangle your team.

After all, that seems to be the route that led the Rams into this box canyon of no picks and no free salary space. And the team will be right back into the thicket when the time comes to work with Matthew Stafford on an extension. The Rams have zero alternatives. Pay the man.  What kind of plan is that?

As the team heads into this year’s NFL draft, you have to admit their draft landscape would look a whole lot different right about now. . . if only, if only, if only they hadn’t decided to pay QB Jared Goff that $143 million contract extension back in September 2019. Now don’t get me wrong. An extension like that makes complete sense if you are certain that he is the guy. But that cannot be the case when, just two years later, you swallow all of that guaranteed money just to get rid of him.

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Should the LA Rams legal department come up with an NFL document similar to a pre-nuptial agreement? After all, there  Rams have had to bite the bullet for Goff, for running back Todd Gurley, and for wide receiver Brandin Cooks. You’d think by now that some high-powered lawyer could save the team millions, right?