3 reasons why the LA Rams must be No Julio

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Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports /
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The LA Rams are in win-now mode sure. And a team in that mindset of win now must possess the 360-degree peripheral vision of the NFL landscape. The LA Rams are in that predator mindset now. Surveying the tundra. Looking for easy prey. Ready to pounce on any deal or opportunity that appears to be an easy win.

And there in the distance, a dust cloud rises like a plume of white smoke into the heavens where the Atlanta Falcons are struggling. The Falcons are not pretending to be contenders any longer. The organization has reloaded the coaching staff yes. The team is preparing to begin a rebuilding process starting with the fourth overall pick from the 2021 NFL Draft. But they are choking under the weight of paying star wide receiver Julio Jones.

And the Falcons want to change that. NFL teams are either prey or predator. The LA Rams are in predator mode, but they are not the only NFL team on the hunt. Other teams are beginning to circle the struggling Falcons now, eager to pick out their star receiver.

There is a lot of interest from other NFL teams.

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Other would-be win-now teams are eager to snatch up Julio Jones, believing that he is the keystone to build their bridge from almost there to the land of the Lombardi. While the Rams would certainly look good on paper with Julio Jones as a receiver, he is not the chosen one to lead the LA Rams to the promised land. How can I be so sure? Let me count the ways: