3 reasons why the LA Rams must be No Julio

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Wide receivers are saturated

The LA Rams have a full wide receiver room as is. Let’s look at who has outstretched arms when the Rams’ new quarterback Matthew Stafford rolls back to pass. There are wide receivers Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, Van Jefferson, DeSean Jackson, Nsimba Webster, Trishton Jackson, and whomever the Rams draft or sign after the draft.

Like the old Ringo Starr rock song lyrics stated so eloquently all those years ago: ‘It don’t come easy, you know it don’t come easy“.  Adding a star-wide receiver like Julio Jones means that the Rams will need to make room on the roster for him. No, not in the form of creating a roster spot alone, but a WR1 spot for him.  To add Jones, the Rams will need to trade either Kupp or Woods. Most likely, the Rams would be expected to part ways with Robert Woods.

Let’s be clear. Julio Jones is a great receiver. But in the past four seasons, he has played 56 games. Over the same time frame, Robert Woods has played 59 games. Jones has caught 351 passes for 5289 yards and 20 touchdowns. Woods has caught 272 passes for 4070 yards and 19 touchdowns. But the 2020 numbers show Jones suiting up for just nine games, while Woods answered the bell all 16 times. Jones put up 771 yards and three TDs to Woods putting up 936 yards and six TDs.

Who goes for Julio?

Oh, it’s a fun after-dinner conversation to contemplate the what-if’s mysteries of the universe. But we’re talking the LA Rams striving for a Super Bowl Championship. The Rams have a group of wide receivers who are selfless and applaud the accomplishments of one another. If the Rams believed that the receivers were truly the problem, why did the front office just extend both Kupp and Woods? Julio Jones is a great player, but I don’t think he is worth the effort of ejecting one of the Rams’ current players to give him a chair at the table.