How did Rams S Adam Archuleta handle draft day drama?

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Of course, there is no equal to hearing the tale in his own words. And he shared the tale in such a compelling way that I could not do it justice. So here is what Adam Archuleta told Ryan Phillips about that scenario:

"“We went out to lunch the day after my Pro Day and he told me — right about a month before the draft — look, if we trade Trent Green to the Chiefs, we’re going to draft you at 20. But you never know. I think the night before the draft, they traded Trent, and so I was like, oh my gosh, like this could happen I didn’t know if that was real, if they still had plans on doing that. I hadn’t talked to any of them since. So in my mind, I’m like, “Oh, I have a great chance to go 20,” or maybe not. Right? So there’s a lot of nerves. There is a lot of excitement, but there’s just so many unknowns. So I had a mixed bag of emotions. – Adam Archuleta per an interview with The Big Lead’s Ryan Phillips"

The drama didn’t end there. The story goes on that Archuleta opted to experience the draft at his mother’s house with family and friends. But the landline phone became inoperative (there were no cell phones at that time). So an hour before the draft, Archuleta relayed the status of his phone to his agent, pleading with him to explain that his phone was out and that he was not trying to be rude and ignore any calls.

At that time, it was unusual for safeties to be picked in the first round. But Archuleta had that talk with Rams coach Martz. If that fell through, he was hoping to be picked by the Oakland Raiders, the Denver Broncos, or the Indianapolis Colts.