2021 NFL Draft: 3 key LA Rams defensive takeaways from day one

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I – Rams could land an impact cornerback and edge rusher on day two

The draft board is still teaming with defensive backs and edge rushers. So the question is, are there enough prospects remaining on the draft board to afford the LA Rams the luxury of trading back from pick 57? And if the Rams get offers to trade back there, will they take the trade, or draft a player?

With 73 picks to go in rounds two and three of the 2021 NFL Draft, and the Rams possessing three of those 73 picks, the supply of players will diminish rapidly.  There are 8-10 outside linebackers who fall in tonight’s range, and 13-15 cornerbacks who fall in the range of rounds two and three. So where will the Rams be looking to pick tonight?

Well, the cornerback position is likely a default selection. The Rams need a cornerback to put onto the field with Jalen Ramsey and Darious Williams, and that player is not currently on the roster. So if the Rams go with positional need, I truly would be shocked if the team did not select a cornerback on day two.

Edge rusher gets trickier. Because the Rams have several players at the position now, the team could select a developmental player for the outside linebacker position who is less refined on day three, and coach him up to the point where he earns defensive snaps. I love the potential of Virginia’s Charles Snowden, and what he might do on this Rams defense. But, then again, that selection means surrendering an option to address another vital position.

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The Rams are in a great position to be all smiles at the end of day two. But it will take the right picks and perhaps even the right trade or two to truly address all of the team’s needs. It all starts in a matter of hours now.