5 takeaways from LA Rams 2021 NFL Draft Day 2

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I – The Rams have five picks on Day Three of the 2021 NFL Draft

Suddenly, the LA Rams have added two picks to Day Three of the 2021 NFL Draft. Now, the Rams are scheduled to pick five rookies on the last day of the draft, and that may increase even further. The biggest trick for trading back is not to descend beyond the fifth round. The reason? The talent level of many positions that the Rams must still address is less in rounds six and seven.

The Rams currently have the following 2021 NFL Draft picks:

Pick 57 – Louisville WR Tutu Atwell (5.97 grade per NFL.com)
Pick 103 – South Carolina ILB Ernest Jones (5.99 grade per NFL.com)
Pick 117 (Round 4 from 49ers)
Pick 121 (Round 4 from 49ers)
Pick 141 (Round 4)
Pick 209 (Round 6)
Pick 252 (Round 7)

With 67  players under contract, and now seven projected rookies, the Rams will have 16 roster spots to fill with undrafted free agents after the draft.

However you see the Rams draft going so far, don’t judge individual picks as much as judge the Rams 90 man roster when all of the positions are filled. This draft class is filled with incredibly deep positional value, and there is a good chance that even undrafted players this year will have a shot at making the Rams roster.

The Rams will never wow anyone amidst the drafting process. Clearly, the Rams see qualities and characteristics in young men that elude many other scouting departments.  And that’s okay. It’s not the ingredients but the meal that I’m truly concerned about. Perhaps the biggest takeaway of this draft so far is this: The LA Rams are staying true to their board, and their draft plan. And they could have a huge Day Three in the 2021 NFL Draft in the making. I’m already looking at the prospects remaining on the board and I love what I see.

2 ILBs the LA Rams passed on to draft Ernest Jones at 103. light. Trending

Hang in there.  Day three is about to begin, and the Rams typically save the best for last