LA Rams 2021 UDFA Live Tracker: Searching for the final 14

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The LA Rams have concluded the 2021 NFL Draft, and as the dust is settling, the Rams scouting department will be working the phones. Now, the Rams must secure the remaining 14 roster spots to round out the 90-man roster. Starting at 67 contracted players, the Rams have now added nin players, increasing the roster to 76 players.

The team is still very much on the hunt. The team still has a lot of room for cornerbacks, offensive linemen, linebackers, outside linebackers, and perhaps even a camp arm at the quarterback position.

Of course, there are plenty of solid players remaining, and with the type of off-season we are having, perhaps there are some off-the-radar players who will become important components to the Rams winning ways in the near future.

Now, this is where the real work will take place. The Rams can contact as many as 34 offensive linemen per who are draft graded but did not hear their names called out during the 2021 NFL Draft.

Last year, the Rams did a great job of signing players who eventually competed for and made it to the 53-man roster. This year, I expect the Rams to try to replicate the success at the cornerback position that they enjoyed at the safety position.  But even if the Rams focus almost exclusively on cornerback and offensive line, I’m not certain that they will meet their roster needs. Depthwise? Sure. Ready to start? Doubtful.

So now is the slow and painful waiting game. Who will the Rams pick up after the 2021 NFL Draft? Will they be at positions of need, or will the Rams continue to flirt with positions that appear to be just fine on paper? It’s all a waiting game now.

The LA Rams just claimed DE/OLB John Daka from New York Jets waivers (story will publish at 3:00 am PT May 5, 2021) so the Rams roster is down to one open spot.

UPDATED:  Date: May 4, 2021 Time: 12:00 pm PT  Signed: 11   Open Roster Slots: 1 Exempt slot:1

Position      Name                       School
OL                 Alaric Jackson        Iowa               Per @JustinM_NFL
WR               Jeremiah Haydel   Texas State   Per @JustinM_NFL
DB                Jovan Grant            Merrimack     Per @AaronWilson_NFL
S                   Paris Ford               Pittsburgh      Per @gregauman
OC                Jordan Meredith    W Kentucky   Per @TheSportsEntGroup
DB                Troy Warner           BYU                  Per @TroyWarner
WR               Landon Akers        Iowa St.           Per @AaronWilson_NFL
DE/OLB       Max Roberts          Boston College   Per @JustinM_NFL
DT/DE          George Silvanic     Air Force          Per profootballchase Instagram
DB                 Brontae Harris     UAB                 Per @AaronWilson_NFL
OL                 Max Pircher           Italy                 Per
New player signed

Priority Free Agent signings:

The LA Rams grabbed the highest-rated offensive tackle who did not hear his name called in the draft

If you follow the salary cap, this could have an impact later. Another signing bonus to keep track of is that of DB Troy Warner

We will include a detailed breakdown of each candidate in the near future.