Why LA Rams LB Ernest Jones is absolutely key to 2021 defense

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Quality recognizes quality

And it was that same coach Brown who fairly pounded the table with both hands to urge the Rams to draft this guy, because he knew, firsthand, what he could bring to the Rams’ locker room. Didn’t have to watch much tape on the guy, saw it all himself up close and personal-like. This one’s our guy.

Maybe he won’t be the second coming of Butkus, but he might just turn out to be the Rams’ next  London Fletcher.

Rams GM Les Snead himself said Jones was the best leader amongst every prospect they looked at in this year’s entire NFL draft. The field leader the Rams sought

A secondary reason the Rams drafted Jones is all about the not-so-distant future. And it’s a savvy GM that looks at the draft with at least one eyeball focused on the horizon, on what’s to come down the road. The Rams are set to lose four, count ’em, four linebackers after this season, as Kenny Young and Micah Kiser are set to hit free agency while Troy Reeder and Travin Howard will be restricted free agents.

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Now, whether you think losing this bunch would represent addition by subtraction for the Rams or not, a vacancy is something a team’s gotta plan ahead for. The NFL roster requires constant replenishment, constant renewal. New blood. A garden that grows well is one that gets its soil turned over a lot.  Belichekian moves – cut ’em before they have declined, or in this case, never quite ascended.