The LA Rams drafted like the NFL’s version of Moneyball

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The Atwell paradigm

For a basic example, let’s focus on the bane of the Rams 2021 NFL Draft. What of Tutu Atwell? Sure, if you haven’t heard, he’s smaller than the typical NFL wide receiver. But Tutu Atwell is more than just “TuFew’ or as another coined him ‘Antwell’.  Want some good news about this guy?

That’s what we’re talking about here.  A wide receiver who has zero drops. A wide receiver who has a 123.4 passer rating when targeted. And here comes Matthew Stafford. Don’t believe me? How about the testimony of former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson, whose testimony is since and heartfelt. He loves Atwell. Atwell is that incredibly fast ball receiver who will blow the back end off of defenses with lightning speed before they know it.

As soon as defenses adjust? The Rams will work their intermediate routes. Perhaps the Rams drafted Atwell for what he will do for the team, not just what he himself will do. Imagine the Rams putting both DeSean Jackson and Tutu Atwell on the field simultaneously. Can you imagine the nightmares that will cause defenses?

Okay, so you aren’t sold yet? Just wait until the Rams turn him loose and he takes one to the house.  Whose house? RamsHouse! It’s not just on him. It’s how he blends with the other players on the field folks.  Okay. How about another example?