LA Rams NFL Draft 2021: A deep-dive dissection of all selections

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Now that we’ve seen everything the LA Rams have done with this 2021 NFL draft, we are left to imagine, conceptualize (perhaps even fantasize and spit-ball?) that the front office approached this draft with a master plan, a blueprint, a road-map. To do any less would be, well, uncivilized.

Whatever NFL “game plan” the Rams had in place for this year’s draft was surely shaped and crafted with their eyes on the prize, the Lombardi.

Stay between the lines, your lines, nobody else’s lines, Rams’ lines. Like the blinders on a Kentucky racehorse. Keep that pony focused on the task at hand. Dead reckon the NFL draft road.  The process of calculating one’s position and future course by estimating the direction and distance traveled.

The NFL draft is where a team makes such course corrections. If the Lombardi is our heading, here’s how we chart our course. Obviously, every GM approaches draft day thinking this is the freeway exit turn-off where we can improve our existing stock, replenish our inventory, fill the pantry, level up the team.

There is a fork-in-the-road. Do we turn here? Or stand pat. Do we double down on that ace-card the dealer’s showing us? Do we drive right past that exit?

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Only GM Les Snead, head coach Sean McVay et al. know the team’s true internal weaknesses and they don’t speak of such things in public. But ye shall know them, learn of such deficiencies by the decisions they have just made in the recently-concluded draft.