LA Rams NFL Draft 2021: A deep-dive dissection of all selections

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Bye Bye Blythe

The team kinda’ knew beforehand going into this draft that letting Andrew Blythe walk was likely because they didn’t exactly offer him a big-payday contract. They had to expect their bluff would be called. They had to know he was a flight risk.

And when he flew the coop, the Rams walked into the draft with a strategy already in place. Ultimately, they decided to stand pat. They didn’t pull the trigger on drafting a center. They are telling us they like the guys they already got stashed away.

That right guard Austin Corbett can slide on over to center, that his failure at center in Cleveland with the Browns is water under the bridge. That 2019 starting center Brian Allen will be fully recovered from his injuries and return to that starting role.

That untested offensive lineman Coleman Shelton’s time is nigh or even second-year offensive lineman Tremayne Anchrum can handle the job. (Of course, if Corbett is the answer, then that pre-supposes Bobby Evans is able to slide in to play right guard).

The Rams are telling us, in effect, “We dub thee ‘Appropriately Coached Up. ‘ ” (as they lightly tap both shoulders of whatever center they ultimately choose to start with a sword). Meanwhile, legions of Rams fans are warily apprehensive.

You’re asking us to have a little faith. Oh, but we of little faith are an anxious lot, now aren’t we? Nervous Nellies ‘R’ Us.

We can argue about whether any of the above center options are a wise move or a bone-headed move until the cow’s come home, but sometimes,  we are left with no options other than to place our confidence in you, trust (there’s that word again) that you know what you’re doing. This bunch knows what they have in the cupboard already. The rest of us can only surmise, suppose and speculate.

We’re over here just on the outside looking in.