LA Rams 2021 schedule: Rams rapid review and reveal

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Win-win-loss. Win-win-loss. What am I doing? Well, practicing the pattern that the LA Rams followed through 2020 and into the NFL Playoffs, of course. If you recall, whatever else the LA Rams were able to do in the 2020 NFL season, breaking out of that damnable one win, two win, one loss patter was not one of them.

It was a trap, a perpetual cycle of a little hope, followed by hopes dashed. It was an emotional roller coaster that lasted 19 weeks. From the first week victory of the season against the overhyped Dallas Cowboys, through the 17th-week miraculous win authored by backup quarterback John Wolford and sealed with what may have been the best defensive performance of the LA Rams in a very long time. It was a time of glorious moments.

But it also included a heartbreaking no-way-they-can-lose-this-one loss to the then winless New York Jets. And who can forget the two heartbreaking losses to the 6-10 San Francisco 49ers. Two losses. The 49ers were just 4-10 to the rest of the NFL, while the LA Rams were 10-4. Of course, there was a last-second loss to the Buffalo Bills, and the loss to the Dolphins despite the defense allowing almost no momentum.  Yeah, we can do without any of that this year.

At this moment, the LA Rams stand at the precipice of a 17-0 perfect season, and simultaneously at the edge of a 0-17 disastrous year. Neither will likely happen, but the cloth of this year’s success or ruin has not yet been cut. The bolts have merely arrived. What garments will the LA Rams don themselves with as the team enters the upcoming season?

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The 2021 NFL Schedule is here, now, what does it tell us?