LA Rams schedule leaks: Opening vs. Bears at SoFi Stadium

The LA Rams will be holding educational seminars for the influx of the NFL’s rookie quarterbacks and veteran quarterbacks on new NFL teams in the 2021 NFL season. That’s because the Rams will face the Jacksonville Jaguars and their rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence, the San Francisco 49ers, and their rookie quarterback Trey Lance twice.

The Rams will put new Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff (hey, I recognize that name!) to the test, as well as Indianapolis Colts’ new quarterback Carson Wentz. The LA Rams will even face off against the Chicago Bears and their new quarterback Justin Fields. Now, the rumor is that the LA Rams will open against the Chicago Bears at home on Sunday Night Football.

Of course, as is the case with virtually each rookie quarterback, there is that small insignificant detail of whether the rookie will start. But let’s save that for another time.

This rumor was so significant that FanSided’s John Buhler ran with the news almost immediately upon its release.

A second consecutive season opener at SoFi Stadium seems only fair to LA Rams fans who were unable to cheer for the Rams in the stands at any point in the 2020 NFL season.  The choice of teams is a bit confusing. The LA Rams’ choices included the Detroit Lions, who would face former QB Jared Goff, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team that the Rams defeated in a thriller at Tampa Bay, and a Wild Card rematch against the Seattle Seahawks.

The Bears have always triggered a very creative and unique LA Rams offensive strategy. The Rams have used 12 packages liberally and could open with a tandem of Tyler Higbee and Johnny Mundt starting to help slow down the Bears’ pass rush, and give Stafford the option of picking apart the defense with laser strikes to Higbee all night.

Now, for the bad news. Opening at home pushes the rest of the Rams schedule to nine road games and just seven home stands.

That will almost surely mean that the Rams will have one back-to-back road game in the schedule. What else do we know about the LA Rams 2021 NFL schedule? Well, per NY Post Sports writer Ryan Dunleavy, the Rams will travel to face the New York Giants on week 6. That’s two of 17 games down, just 15 to go.

If you recall, it was the two consecutive East Coast road games that allowed the Buffalo Bills to squeak a hotly contested victory from the Rams in 2020.

Once the 2021 schedule is available, we’ll do our best to point out tough stretches, key matchups, and we may even throw a game-by-game prediction into the mix. Stay tuned.