5 veteran outbound free agents who the LA Rams will miss in 2021

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Now that the LA Rams are a month away from their first mandatory three-day minicamp, we can begin to give a finer eye to analyzing the team’s roster. So much promise. So many questions. In the quest to be the best, the team has already made some tough choices. Players who the Rams were able to sign for a Super Bowl run in 2021, and some players who signed on elsewhere.

Of course, anytime the team signs up a new veteran or rookie, there is that ripple to the wave of optimism that can come with any new player to the team. Depending on the player, and the fan, the arrival of a new player to the team can trigger the hope for competition on the team to Pro Bowl production on the football field. It’s often easier to see what could go right for a player than what could go wrong.

All the while that LA Rams fans are making their introductions to and daydreaming about their new players, fans of other NFL teams are doing the same thing with the Rams players who have signed on elsewhere. Those fans can relish the chance to have a player or players from the best NFL defense from 2020 or a player who contributed to the Rams playoff-bound offense.

All players who suddenly find themselves playing for a new team are presumed to be a good fit for their new team. While that is not how it will play out for each and every player, that doesn’t stop the excitement and wishful thinking from happening.

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But what about the regret of facing a new season without a familiar face? What of the heroics that landed the Rams into the playoffs in 2020? What about those players who used to play for the Rams? Well, here are five who we believe fans may miss pretty quickly.