A healthy DJax will pop LA Rams offense to a new level

Mandatory Credit: News Eagles Vs Rams
Mandatory Credit: News Eagles Vs Rams /

The LA Rams are counting on the health and talent of WR DeSean Jackson to make a huge difference for the LA Rams in 2021. So what about Jackson and the Rams offense makes this a good fit? What a great question!

Some players are all hype and not much sizzle. Jadaveon Clowney on the Tennessee Titans defense is an ideal example of a free agent who fizzled when he lined up alongside defenders in 2020.  All the promise, none of the production. Sometimes it just works out that way. So why hold out hope for anything positive in the first place?

Well, there are good reasons to be optimistic. Coaches and players who had good chemistry in the past do not suddenly lose that chemistry later in life. A fit is a fit. Take newly signed free agent wide receiver DeSean Jackson, for example. He played 39 games for head coach Sean McVay, then both with the Washington Football Team, and had tremendous success.  He was the field stretcher for then offensive coordinator McVay and opened up the Washington offense.

Now, both Jackson and McVay are hoping to reignite the glowing embers of that magic once more.  For Jackson’s part, his football career is now at full circle. He is back in California and is prepared to work in McVay’s offense once more.  So how’s that working out so far?

DeSean Jackson is more than a veteran of the NFL. He is a three-time Pro Bowler. He’s played for three different NFL teams, for countless different offensive philosophies, and fought back from plenty of injuries.

He is a uniquely gifted receiver who has played for Sean McVay in the past, and they both benefitted from that association. This year, the Rams will not need Jackson to chalk up a thousand yards receiving. The team merely needs Jackson to show up, line up, and occasionally put up a catch to keep defensive backs aware of his speed and ability to change the momentum in a football game with a single catch.

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Some believe that only the top performers make a difference on a roster. But that’s not so. The difference makers are those players who force opponents to alter their game planning strategies. Jalen Ramsey does so without creating interceptions. Aaron Donald does so even when he doesn’t get multiple sacks in a football game. Now the Rams have an offensive weapon who can create the same impact on opposing defenses.

Can DeSean Jackson stay healthy? If the Rams use him wisely, he should be an effective weapon all season.