Is All-Pro DB Jalen Ramsey recruiting Julio Jones for trade to LA Rams?

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Jalen Ramsey appears to be on Team Go Julio

So who deserves the first-class hard sell from the NFL’s finest shutdown cornerback? Well, he said it himself when he stated that the LA Rams should be the place superstars go to play football. Right now, there is one superstar that everyone is talking about.

He is wide receiver Julio Jones, and the LA Rams’ new defensive coordinator Raheem Morris knows his very well. You see, Morris has a lengthy history with the Atlanta Falcons. Right now, that is the team that Julio Jones plays for. Even Blogging Dirty, the FanSided Atlanta Falcons dedicated website, has finally conceded that Jones will likely be traded by Labor Day.

And then, this telephone conversation happened live on the air.

Out of the player’s own mouth: “I want to win.” When Matthew Stafford uttered those words, the LA Rams became the team he was traded to.

Now it comes down to two things. How badly do the LA Rams want to win now? And secondly, how badly does wide receiver Julio Jones want to play for the suped-up LA Rams offense in 2021? If the answers to both questions are “Oh hell, yes!”, then a deal could happen. Yes, it would likely force the Rams to revisit Matthew Stafford’s contract and restructure or even redo the entire thing. And yes, Julio Jones’s contract would not be immune to a rework either.

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But let’s face it. When Jalen Ramsey starts recruiting, NFL superstars sit up and listen.  Jalen Ramsey appears to be team Go Julio.