LA Rams rookie DT Bobby Brown III has feel of something special

(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

If there was a way of projecting the potential of NFL drafted prospects, one of the 32 NFL teams would have discovered it by now. After all, professional football is a $12-16 billion dollar industry per year. That much money pouring through the 32 organizations, each of whom is vying to become the best in the league each year, would have generated some results by now.

Of course, some claim that the LA Rams have found part of the answer and have been delivering those results.  After all, the Rams have fueled much of their success by getting stellar NFL-caliber play by hitching their success to rookies who have been overlooked. Of course, that is the path that the Rams have chosen after acquiring NFL game-changers and paying them their fair market value. After the team has cut the checks for elite players, there’s not much left over to pay for good to very good.

The Rams refill the talent pool by piping in young players into the roster each season and then seeing how those talented players handle the rigors of NFL training camp and matching up to face their veteran players. In 2020, rookie safety Jordan Fuller showed up and immediately became a key contributor to the NFL’s top defense. Fuller, if you recall, was a sixth-round selection.

Bobby come lately, the new kid in town

This year? It’s tough to look past a monstrous defensive lineman from Texas A&M, Bobby Brown III, who has created quite the buzz already.

The kid is infectious, powerful, huge, and NFL-ready. But the part that is so endearing about this young man is the deep level of respect and admiration that he has for defensive line coach Eric Henderson and All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald. In my view, that’s an awesome first impression, and it’s already tough to not root for the young many to succeed.

Of course, I’m not alone in my optimism. The LA Rams personnel and coaching staff chose Brown to join the team despite the consensus that this was not the best draft class to shop for defensive linemen.  Well, apparently neither the LA Rams nor Bobby Brown III got that menu.

Brown is young, but don’t underestimate his power nor his ability to get quickly and aggressively after the quarterback. He has a bit of Aaron Donald’s technique of tossing linemen aside and felling quarterbacks and ball carriers like a chainsaw rips through saplings. But he is not just havoc and devastation at the line of scrimmage.

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Brown is a bit chaotic, and as such, is very entertaining to watch. And that chaos is just what the doctor ordered, as his disruptive nature will only serve to complicate offensive scheming to send two or three blockers after Donald. Bobby Brown could develop into that ideal counterpart for the Rams defensive line. After all, he already has the feel of something special.