LA Rams newest offensive lineman Max Pircher is not just a camp body

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The new kid in town

Maximilian Pircher is understandably a bit awestruck. After all, he is in a foreign country, training with an NFL team, in a new city, facing a new language and culture. To say that he has a lot to absorb in a little bit of time is certainly a massive understatement.

But the two keys are motivation and coachability. Motivation-wise, I don’t think that there is any question that Maximilian Pircher is motivated. He is simply a young man living his dream.  From the moment he steps foot onto the football field, he is energized, ready-to-go, and hyped up to play.  Now, can the LA Rams coaching staff, and specifically the debuting offensive line coach, Kevin Carberry, get him coached up?

Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Thankfully, neither will Maximilian Pircher’s NFL career. A young man who needs an investment of time and coaching should not be expected to be starting in 2021. But he will learn. He will grow. He will get stronger, wiser, more durable. And most of all, he will train against Aaron Donald, Sebastian Joseph Day, and A’Shawn Robinson.

How will it all turn out? Well, I suspect that Max Pircher is more than just a camp body. Yes, I get that he was assigned to the LA Rams. Yes, I understand that he is a free roster spot for the Rams to carry him on the practice squad. But the fact is that the Rams will need help on the offensive line in 2022, offensive line coach Kevin Carberry is new to the staff, which means that the LA Rams will exhibit every valid reason to develop Pircher this year.

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Pircher will likely be carried on the Rams practice squad in 2021, and due to the restriction of the program, there is where he will likely remain. But he becomes a chess piece as the LA Rams begin to focus upon the 2022 NFL roster. Whether he will remain a practice squad player, or compete for a 53-man roster spot, will be determined in training camp this year.