LA Rams WR Cooper Kupp hosts inaugural GSCFC for young Rams fans

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Question 6: Ramblin Fan – Besides ‘weather appropriate’, will participants need to bring any special equipment (i.e. cleats, knee/elbow pads, etc.)?
No special equipment is required to participate in the camp.

Question 7: Ramblin FanWhile the event is held at Calabasas High School, 22855 Mulholland Hwy, Calabasas CA 91302-2099, will the event have appropriate signage and facilities to aid participants to arrive at the event easily?
Absolutely. We’ll have clear signage within the facilities and a whole team of experienced event coordinators who will help direct participants and their parents from registration all the way through the camp experience.

Question 8: Ramblin FanWill there be an ‘observation’ area for family members to wait during the event? Are folding chairs permitted for family members awaiting completion of the mini-camp?
The camp will take place on the football field and surrounding track. Family members will have a great view of all the action from the bleachers next to the field. Because the event takes place on the field and around the track, we won’t be able to allow additional seating or folding chairs. But again, the best views are from the bleachers! We will also work on allowing one parent/guardian to come onto the field at certain designated intervals so they can take great photos and videos of their campers

Question 9: Ramblin FanAny ‘sneak preview’ as to what type of future events might encompass?
Kilburn is a world-leading live entertainment company known for its exciting live events including touring entertainment, immersive experiences, and active play experiences. We’re always on the cutting edge of the newest and most exciting events for people to enjoy. As with all of our projects, Kilburn Sports will evolve our camps to bring participants something new and exclusive each time. However, we always keep our plans under wraps until it’s time to announce the next big experience!

Question 10: Ramblin Fan I see that the event also provides for special event scholarships by Cooper and Anna Kupp themselves. ‘A select number of lucky fans will be invited to join the Camp as Cooper and Anna’s guests, as part of a Kupp scholarship program.’. Can you explain how the scholarship program works in more detail?
Cooper and Anna are always looking for ways to give back to the community and provide opportunities for as many kids as possible. The scholarship program is a way for them to bring this camp experience to some deserving kids. Applicants just have to go to the “Tell Your Story” link and submit their story for Cooper and Anna to read. From those inspiring stories, Cooper and Anna will select their guests for this first GSCFC.

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This may not be everyone’s choice, and that’s fine. The goal is to create memories and positive energy in the life of a special person.  I have learned over time that objects break or become obsolete. Memories last a lifetime.