Per Mike Garafolo, LA Rams talking to Falcons for Julio Jones

Mandatory Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports /

What are the LA Rams up to now? Okay, it’s the first three-day holiday weekend of the season. Campers are making their first migration to the mountains for camping. Beachgoers grabbed their lotion and beach towels and are descending upon beaches. And for those who do neither, it’s time to grab plants and dress up the flower bed and the vegetable garden.  For NFL sports fans? It’s a lull. OTAs have paused, and football fans are left to invent NFL scenarios to keep the spirit of professional football alive.

Or they could dial up the latest NFL rumors and discuss the latest buzz. Of course, the LA Rams are front and center to those rumors right now. That’s what happens when the team has been a mainstay of headlines The problem with LA Rams rumors is that they seem to take on a life of their own. What do I mean? Now NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo is confirming that the LA Rams are indeed one of the teams talking to the Atlanta Falcons about trading for Julio Jones.

The LA Rams are in the mix. That’s key. Well, that’s one key. So what are the other keys?  The date is the second key. The Atlanta Falcons, seeking salary cap relief, will want to make the move after June 1st. That is due to the fact that they can generate a preposterous amount of salary cap savings for 2021 by doing so. That is two days away.

The third key is getting a value-added package to the Atlanta Falcons in return.  Of course, any compensation is subject to negotiation, but any package that is fettered to the 2022 NFL Draft places the Falcons at a deep disadvantage, forcing them to wait until January 2022 to see how valuable that pick is.  That’s why an LA Rams package of players and picks could be given a much better appraisal by the Falcons.  After all, Van Jefferson is a plug-and-play receiver today, and he could be the key to making a deal happen.

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Sure, it may seem like a lot to process. And to some, it’s a big to-do about nothing. But life comes at you fast. If and when the trade happens, you can be sure of one thing. The LA Rams made an offer. The Rams believe that Julio Jones could make this team better. That is enough for me.