Matthew Stafford ‘sense of urgency’ at LA Rams OTAs

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /
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Matthew Stafford wanted to be traded to the LA Rams, and the LA Rams were eager to trade for Matthew Stafford. The Rams love to gamble, particularly when it’s a high-risk wager. So it was right up their wheelhouse to put together such an impressive trade package to wow the Detroit Lions enough to part ways with their veteran quarterback. To many, that signified the hard part for the LA Rams, and the rest is just coasting to the NFL Playoffs.

But for the wise, they know that was the easy part. The tough part is happening now. Veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford, who had played in just one offensive system so far in his NFL career, has been transplanted, grafted even, into another NFL team’s offense. And folks, the LA Rams offense is absolutely one of the more complex offenses in the NFL.

This is not like a new offensive coordinator. In that scenario, everyone is a bit sluggish and stuck on a learning curve. For the 2021 LA Rams, just one player needs to learn the offense quickly. The quarterback.

"“I feel (a sense of urgency) from those guys, I hope they feel it from me. Every time I drop back and throw the ball, I want it to be in the right spot, and when it’s not, I’m not happy with myself.” – Matthew Stafford per Stu Jackson of"

Urgency. That’s not panic. It’s more of the realization of the importance of the moment. For both the Rams and the passer, this is a very important moment indeed.

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The Rams may be one of the youngest rostered teams in the NFL, but they have veteran leadership at key positions. That leadership won’t be productive and in place forever.