LA Rams OT Andrew Whitworth preaches get to that Super Bowl

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Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

There is a belief among those who have observed the actions of the LA Rams football team that has led many to conclude that the Rams are in ‘win now’ mode. Until now, that has been enough.  After all, it’s a general consensus that the Rams are good enough to warrant inclusion into the NFL Playoffs discussion. each year.

The LA Rams are post-season perennials as long as head coach Sean McVay is at the helm

So it simply falls to reason that the coaching staff, and even the entire organization, is eager to win a Super Bowl because, well, because they are close enough to doing so that it is a realistic goal. Realistic goals tend to be self-justifying. Well, that’s not good enough right now. You see, we recently noticed a trend of everyone associated with the LA Rams seems to be all in lockstep over the use of the work urgency. And so, we logically asked what’s up with that?

The quandary about that ‘gotta do it all quickly’ perspective doesn’t make sense if you look at the LA Rams overall roster. After all, this is a very young team that continues to remain so young thanks to a steady inflow of young talent. The team is incredibly young with their linebackers and secondary, running backs and tight ends.  This year, the offensive and defensive lines may be getting noticeably younger as well.

Veteran players like the venerable Rams offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth know that he can’t play this game forever.  In fact, after missing half of the 2020 season due to a knee injury, he may be playing in his last NFL year of football. So the urgency to win now is a message he wakes up to each day. Now, he’s sharing that message with his teammates:

Of course, he’s not alone. Quarterback Matthew Stafford is just several years behind him. And All-Pro Aaron Donald just turned 30 years old. The LA Rams must fight back time with each new season. Even though the Rams have been successful so far, eventually time claims everyone’s playing days.

“Choose habits that lead to us being in that Super Bowl” is more than just sage advice from a seasoned NFL veteran. It’s a plea for everyone on the team to focus on the goal of playing in the NFL Championship Game.  Some of the players on the roster will have plenty of time in the NFL to do so. But for some veteran players like Andrew Whitworth, Matthew Stafford, and perhaps even Aaron Donald, that time is running out.

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The LA Rams can compete in and win Super Bowl LVI this year. They just need to get in the habit of winning. That’s a habit that I hope they never break.