Now that its June 1, one NFL team will land Falcons Julio Jones very soon

Mandatory Credit: (Dusty Compton / Tuscaloosa News)Julio Jones Tornado Relief
Mandatory Credit: (Dusty Compton / Tuscaloosa News)Julio Jones Tornado Relief /
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In any Memorial Day weekend, some never-ending saga of the LA Rams and the inevitable link to some unhappy or disgruntled star NFL player on the trade block seems bound to surface. The way the Rams have been linked to the still-developing narrative about the Atlanta Falcons’ attempt to off-load the hefty contract of one star-wide receiver Julio Jones.

This was, and still is, one of the most persistent and wide-reaching NFL rumors stories in many years. The Julio Jones rumors have effectively encompassed all 32 NFL teams in one way or another. And yes, it is another fascinating example of how media and the public at large interact over a developing story. Some fans were thrilled at the possibility. Other fans were anxious and left on the edge of their seats. Still, others were defiant over the foolishness.  Finally, the fourth enclave of fans became angry at the very existence of speculation or rumors.

So what can be done to make a fast flaming Rams rumor more palatable for fans in the future?  Well, there are some tricks to maintaining quietude in the face of future rumors. After all, information is simply that, information. How that information is processed by you, the reader is your call.

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So let’s begin by trouble-shooting validity. First and foremost, NFL rumors are not an expression of an imminent deal. In fact, the normal business duties of all NFL personnel and scouting departments include following up on the likelihood of any potential trade scenario. So the moment that the name Julio Jones popped up as a potential salary-cap casualty for the Atlanta Falcons, 31 NFL teams inquired.