3 reasons why LA Rams WR Robert Woods will lead in receiving yards

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The LA Rams passing offense has many options, and the number of options grows each time the team emerges from another NFL Draft. But the heart of that passing offense runs through the ability of veteran Robert Woods.  After all, is said and done, the Rams offense will move the chains with the help of ‘Bobby Trees’, just as it has done since he’s arrived.

As the NFL debates the fate of Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones, it’s easy to overlook the players who have been so dependable for so long. Players like LA Rams wide receiver Robert Woods is easily pushed to the back of the mind because he shows up each game. He is more dependable than teammate Cooper Kupp, and he is simply more productive than all of the other wide receivers on the LA Rams’ current roster.

Robert Woods is the veteran pace-setter for the receiver room. He is the go-to guy and will quickly re-establish that same level of dependability to new veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford.  While there are side dishes, flourishes, and better presentations among the team’s offensive banquet, Bobby Trees is the meat and potatoes staple of the offense.

Something about Robert Woods meshes with this LA Rams offense.

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Perhaps it’s his demeanor, a commensurate professional who does all of his talking on the football field?  Perhaps it’s the fact that after eight NFL seasons, he is coached up to the peak of his abilities?  Well, it’s a mystery that we intend to solve right here. Or at least narrow it down. So here are the three reasons why Robert Woods will lead the LA Rams in receiving yards in 2020.