3 reasons why LA Rams WR Robert Woods will lead in receiving yards

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Veteran leader

From afar, Robert Woods is a player who shows up and performs his utmost on each and every play. He’s not a person who seeks out the camera, the hot microphone, nor the spotlight. His attention is trained upon being the best receiver on the LA Rams roster. So far, that’s been eight years of his focus.

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And that also means that he is close to being a finished product. He is a perennial thousand-yard receiver, a dependable offensive weapon who will eventually and ultimately find a way to help the team move the ball, rack up a touchdown, and end a game with another win. He is savvy enough to know that victories do not always come with highlight-reel plays. Sometimes wins are accomplished simply from better execution of the five-yard plays.

The great thing about Robert Woods is that his dedication is not simply about himself, but has grown to include the same vigilance towards precision and execution of his teammates. He is the type of teammate young football players love to train with because he will share his years of wisdom and experience willingly.

A leader on the field is more effective when he is the leader on the receiving yards list. Robert Woods knows that is how it works, and so he will be there. Not for ego nor for some hidden agenda like leverage with his next playing contract. He will be the receiving yards leader because the team will need him to do so. The best place to be heard from is from atop the highest mountaintop.  Look for Woods to stand atop the mountain at the end of the 2021 NFL season.