LA Rams Monster from Texas arrives at Sofi Stadium

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

Okay, it’s time for a change of pace story.  The LA Rams finally have a 90-player roster. One of those necessary detours for our mental health, a reminder that winning is only part of the fun in professional football. Sometimes, the entertainment and value of the NFL in the day-to-day lives of fans. It is the small but constant reminder that NFL players are as big of fans of the sport as we are.

It’s a reminder of why we enjoy the sport. It’s not just about linking your life to the success of the team, it’s about the loyalty, the sense of community, of family. At a time when the cry for social distancing, mask-wearing, and solitude has become the order of the day, isn’t it a burst of joy and happiness to connect to another who has the same emotional reaction?

Just take this moment of LA Rams rookie defensive lineman Bobby Brown III. He has just arrived at the new home football field of the team, SoFi Stadium.  It’s an amazing structure, an architectural phenomenon that will likely take years to replicate in this country, and even more to surpass. It’s the crown jewel of the NFL, the home to the LA Rams.  And in that one moment, the hopes, dreams, optimism, and love of the city for her team flooded into Bobby Brown.

Hey folks, this is the inaugural visit. This is the tour of the facility, the first time that Bobby Brown III gets it. All of that energy from the 2021 NFL Draft, the years of training, practicing, and playing football has led the young man to this point. FOr that matter, all of the LA Rams rookies have earned this moment of elation and jubilation.

For many, the work has consumed as much as 15 years of their lives, and that is just the beginning. They have seen their new facilities, and as high as the new football apparatus is improved over their last facility, their performance will be expected to follow suit.

Yes, the Monster from Texas has arrived at the set of his next disaster movie. On opening day, he will be expected to have earned a spot among the rotation, to get onto the field, and to make the highlight reel. He will be expected to stay healthy, and to make the plays necessary to preserve the victory in all 17 NFL contests.

He’s just arrived, and the bar is already set incredibly high. We can’t help it. As much as fans love the LA Rams, they want to win too. That’s competition. That’s the reason why they play the game.

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But this is a magical moment in a young man’s life. The unstained moment realizing that he has made it to the next chapter. The first kiss. The first dance at the high school prom. The moment of graduation. Now, the moment that he sees SoFi Stadium for the first time, in all its glory and majesty. It’s a magical moment in Bobby Brown III’s life. He’s earned it. Let’s sit back and enjoy it with him. You’ve earned it too.