5 rookies could step up and be the LA Rams draft star in 2021?

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Every year the LA Rams seem to out-sleuth 31 other NFL teams in the quest to find solid NFL talent in round three and beyond. Of course, there are good reasons for that. The Rams have to do so, as they have not had a first-round draft pick since 2016.  And thanks to the challenges that come with too little free salary cap money to spend, the Rams have had to focus on the NFL Draft version of the dollar store.

So how have they done? Well, they haven’t done too poorly by my estimation, what do you think?

Of course, the team has made discoveries from among the ranks of undrafted rookies, like ILB Cory Littleton, and signing undrafted free agents off the waiver wire like DE Morgan Fox, DB Troy Hill, and DB Darious Williams. The Rams know how to find bargains at the NFL thrift shops.

By my honest estimation, the LA Rams did well in this draft. (Insert the mandatory applause soundtrack here and call it good). Well, hold on a moment. All of the players mentioned so far were from the LA Rams past.  What about 2021? We all held our breath because the pressure was most certainly on. The Rams needed more than roster depth this year. Hopefully, the team has discovered a couple of NFL-starting caliber rookies, with a handful of rotational players.

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Well, there are eight to choose from, but we’ll save the long shots who possess a remote chance of NFL celebrity spotlight potential for a future piece.