5 rookies could step up and be the LA Rams draft star in 2021?

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A monster

Defensive lineman Bobby Brown III is certainly someone who will benefit from Coach Eric Henderson.  After all, the hulking 6-foot-4 321-pound powerhouse has just about all of the raw characteristics necessary to be a dominating defensive lineman in the NFL. Now, he just needs to get the right programming. And between Coach Henderson and All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald, he will be getting some of the best coaching experience in the NFL.

Brown is more than just a guy to gobble blockers in the trenches. He flashes that chaos and devastation that is so much fun to watch as soon as the ball is snapped. He exhibits a true burst of speed that is a quality sought in edge rushers, but he has the strength and awareness to lock and engage a blocker long enough to force a running back to commit to a lane, which Brown counters by shedding the blocker and making the play.

Brown may be a rookie, but it does not take a stretch of the imagination to envision a significant role for him on the LA Rams defense this year. He is a strong well-coached defensive-destructive force who can turn the momentum in the Rams’ favor at any given moment.  He is that guy in the trenches who slashes through to make a huge tackle for a loss, a well-timed quarterback sack or simply applies the pressure necessary to force an errant throw.

One of the most endearing characteristics of Bobby Brown III is the trust that he has already placed in Coach Henderson and in Aaron Donald. Claiming that he will do whatever is asked of him on multiple occasions, he has placed his NFL career in the hands of some of the best defensive experts in the league. He has all of the ingredients necessary to start a great NFL career.